You have the right to return the purchased products and receive a full refund within [XX] hours/days of delivery if the product is still sealed with the original wrap and packaging. Once the courier receives the product again, please note that a refund will be made within 14 days to the same credit card used in purchase & after checking and approved products conditions.

  • You have the right to cancel the order while processing & just before dispatch from warehouse to address, without any deduction or additional fee. Please contact the customer service team immediately if you wish to cancel or return the ordered product.

  • Accessories which come with electronic products are not covered by supplier warranty.

  • You have the right to exchange/Refund the purchased product within [X] days if it shows any signs of damage or malfunction due to manufacturing defect (after getting a full report from the supplier about the condition of the product). In case of misuse of the product, company XXXXX will notify you with an official report by the service center and share alternative options if available.

·       In case of maintenance, please contact the customer service team at 800XXXXX or [email protected] to send you the courier, please note that claim might take up to 21 Working days to return the repaired product or replacement back, as service center report is mandatory.

  • XXX products cannot be exchanged or refunded.

  • Products on sale or discount cannot be refunded; they can only be exchanged if proven to have manufacturing defects after sending the product to supplier for assessment.

  • Original receipt or invoice, which been sent to your email upon purchase, must be available for refund or exchanges claim.

  • Gadget or non-electronic products are not subjected to warranty, in case you experienced damage in product upon unsealing the package; please take photo of the defective item and contact customer service team via support email [email protected] and our team will be happy to assist you.

  • Digital codes & cards (iTunes, Xbox, PlayStation, Spotify, etc. gifts cards), once ordered, cannot be exchanged, or refunded.